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Wrinkle Reducers

Deep frown lines don’t just show your age; they also convey a worried or upset expression you don’t actually feel, leaving a negative and false impression on the people you meet. The team at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill, Florida, offer Wrinkle Reducers, which effectively relieve those deep frown lines by relaxing the underlying muscles. When the mirror reflects an appearance you don’t like, contact the office to see how treatment with Wrinkle Reducers can solve the problem.


What are Wrinkle Reducers?  

A Wrinkle Reducer is a form of botulinum toxin that blocks nerve activity in muscles, temporarily reducing muscle activity. When it’s injected into facial muscles, the targeted muscles relax and wrinkles associated with those muscles are diminished or eliminated.

While a Wrinkle Reducer is similar to other botulinum toxins used to treat wrinkles, it’s formulated a little differently. A Wrinkle Reducercontains pure botulinum toxin without any of the additives that are mixed in with other similar products.

What types of wrinkles are treated with a Wrinkle Reducer?  

The wrinkles that can be treated by a Wrinkle Reducer are called dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles are often deep because they’re caused by muscle movement. As you repeatedly frown, smile, or raise your eyebrows, the constant pull of muscles, combined with the loss of skin strength and elasticity due to aging, create permanent creases.

Wrinkle Reducers are approved to treat moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows. However, your doctor may consider using it to treat other facial lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and forehead furrows.

What can you expect during and after treatment with a Wrinkle Reducer?  

Treatment with a Wrinkle Reducer takes about 10-20 minutes, during which time you may receive more than 1 injection. Most patients don’t need anesthesia, but a topical anesthetic or cold pack are available to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

It takes a little time to see results. Most patients see the impact in 3-4 days, but visible results are typically noticed within a week. In some cases, patients noticed the maximum effect within 30 days.

All botulinum toxin injections have a temporary impact. A Wrinkle Reducer typically lasts 3 months, but it may last for a longer or shorter time in some patients. You can choose to get another injection after the effect wears off. With repeated injections, you may find that a Wrinkle Reducer;’ results last longer.

Why get a Wrinkle Reducers at Strax Rejuvenation?

The ultimate results after treatment with a Wrinkle Reducer depend on the skills of your doctor. It takes in-depth knowledge of facial muscles and an experienced hand to be sure you get the results you desire while maintaining your natural expressions. You can count on the team of physicians at Strax Rejuvenation, who take the time to talk with patients about their expectations and who have safely and effectively administered a Wrinkle Reducer to many patients.

*Individual Results May Vary