​Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Some people successfully lose weight, but cannot eliminate the fat that has settled in their abdomens; whereas, others seem to never gain a pound, yet still develop miscellaneous pockets of fat on their stomachs. Then there are those whose muscles weaken, resulting in a belly bulge. If you are one of these people, the good news is that at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill, Florida, near Miami, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) can address any of these issues.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

This cosmetic surgery procedure provides a patient who has excess weight around the midsection with a way to achieve a flatter, tighter stomach. Many times, this extra weight is caused by the natural aging process, pregnancy and/or weight fluctuations: Each of these can weaken the stomach muscles and cause the skin on the abdomen to become flabby. While performing an abdominoplasty, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin and fat, and then tightens the underlying abdominal muscles to provide the patient with a more attractive-looking stomach.

Once any excess fat is removed, the abdominal muscles are tightened and the extra skin is cut away, the patient can enjoy long-lasting results by adhering to a moderate diet and exercising regularly.

Who is Considered a Good Candidate for an Abdominoplasty?

Today, the tummy tuck is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed. Many people can benefit from this procedure; however, women who have not completed their families will need to wait until they are no longer planning to become pregnant.

Issues that would make you a good candidate for an abdominoplasty include having:

  • A surplus of fat that is concentrated within your abdomen.
  • Weakened or separated muscles in your abdomen.
  • An abdomen that protrudes and is not proportionate with the rest of your body.
  • Sagging abdominal skin.

What Can a Tummy Tuck Accomplish?

An abdominoplasty procedure corrects loose muscles and sagging skin. There are two different kinds of abdominoplasties performed at Strax Rejuvenation: It is your specific circumstances that will dictate which procedure your surgeon recommends for you.

The two types of tummy tucks performed at Strax Rejuvenation include:

  1. The Standard/Complete Abdominoplasty
  2. The Mini Tummy Tuck/Floating Abdominoplasty (FAB)

Both variations of this procedure will cause some scarring; however, these scars can usually be hidden beneath the patient’s swim trunks or bikini bottoms.

A Complimentary Initial Consultation at Strax Rejuvenation Near Miami

When you arrive for your consultation, please be prepared to discuss your medical history with the nurse and the surgeon. Your surgeon will want to know about any previous surgeries you have had, especially if they were abdominal procedures. In addition, if you are on any medications, are allergic to any medicines (or latex), or you have a chronic condition (e.g., high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.), please let the surgeon know at this appointment.

While examining your abdomen, the surgeon will want to know what you would like to accomplish with a tummy tuck. Please be candid with your surgeon. The only way that the surgeon can provide you with the results you desire is to know what you really want.

This is a no obligation consultation; therefore, if you are considering any other procedures, feel free to speak to the surgeon about them at this time.

Once your consultation is complete, if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill, Florida, near Miami, a pre-op appointment will be scheduled. In addition, pictures may be taken of your abdominal area. These pictures are for your surgeon. They are helpful while making your customized surgical plan. These photos are considered part of your medical record; therefore, they are confidential and will not be shown to anyone except medical personnel working with your surgeon.

A Pre-Op Appointment

At your pre-op appointment, you will be given specific information related to your custom-designed procedure. Your surgeon will answer any questions you have. You may sign the paperwork for your tummy tuck at this appointment instead of on the day of surgery. Unless done previously, your surgeon may order lab tests. Please have your tests completed in a timely manner; otherwise, your surgeon will not have the ability to review the results before your procedure.

Preparing for Your Tummy Tuck Near Miami

Properly preparing your body prior to surgery is the key to an easier recovery. Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise before your abdominoplasty will keep your body in tip-top shape. Now is not the time to start a new extreme diet because quick weight loss can decrease how effective your immune system is following surgery, which could easily allow infection to set in.

Avoid taking medications that thin the blood (e.g., aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) for two weeks prior to your procedure. If you take prescription blood thinners (e.g., Coumadin), speak with the prescribing physician before discontinuing your medication – this is true for all your prescription medications. You should never stop taking a prescription medication without consulting with a doctor first.

If you use products that contain nicotine (e.g., cigarettes, chewing tobacco, etc.), you need to stop using these products at least two weeks before and a couple days after your surgery. Just cutting down on these products is not enough because nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it causes narrowing of the blood vessels. The narrowed blood vessels limit the flow of the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the wound; thus, slowing the healing process, which could increase the risk of infection.

Preparations to make before your tummy tuck:

  • Arrange for someone to care for your pets and small children.
  • If you have animals that roam free in the house, it is best if a friend or family member cares for them elsewhere.
  • Pick up your prescribed medications before your surgery and have them on a table next to the area where you plan to recover when you return home after your tummy tuck. Keep in mind, the place you recover should be near a bathroom.
  • Buy healthy snacks, bottled water and foods that are easy to cook so you have them on hand after your procedure.
  • Have loose, comfortable clothing set out to wear during the first few days of recovery. Place these clothes in an area that does not require you to bend or reach.
  • Make sure you have additional pillows on your bed to provide you the support you need. If you have decided to recover in your living room recliner, have some extra pillows handy in the living room.
  • Have items you use regularly placed in an area where you do not have to extend your arms to reach them (e.g., remote controls, books, magazines, cell phone, landline phone, etc.).
  • Keep your surgeon’s phone number nearby in case you have questions or concerns.
  • Have some nightlights in place to help you find your way around at night.
  • The day before your procedure, remember to wash your hair.
  • If you work or go to school, let them know you will need to be off for at least two weeks.

A Combination Liposuction and Abdominoplasty Procedure

If you decide to have a combination liposuction/tummy tuck procedure, the first part of your procedure will involve using liposuction to remove excess fat. Areas frequently addressed during this procedure include the back and the abdomen. Once the liposuction is complete, your surgeon will begin your mini or full tummy tuck procedure.

A Tummy Tuck at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill, Florida, Near Miami

How long your abdominoplasty will take depends on which tummy tuck you are having done and whether you are combining procedures. A standard abdominoplasty alone can take anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours. Another factor that affects the length of the surgery time involves patient size as well as his or her body constitution.

A Tummy Tuck is an Outpatient Procedure; Therefore, You Will Need to Bring a Driver

Patients do receive medication to ensure they remain comfortable throughout their procedure; consequently, you will not be permitted to drive yourself home after your surgery. As such, you must bring a licensed driver with you on the day of your tummy tuck. At Strax Rejuvenation, for the safety of our patients, we do not permit them to use for-hire transportation or public transportation after having a procedure in which they receive general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

General Anesthesia vs. Intravenous Sedation

General anesthesia puts the patient to sleep; whereas, intravenous sedation will not cause the patient to fall asleep, but he or she will feel extremely relaxed. When intravenous sedation is used, the patient will not feel any pain and most patients do not remember any of the surgical procedure either. This type of sedation is frequently referred to as ‘twilight’ sedation.

The Standard/Complete Tummy Tuck Procedure

Once the patient is moved into the operating room, the anesthesia is administered. A complete/standard abdominoplasty requires two incisions. One incision is created directly above the patient’s pubic area (i.e., bikini line). This first incision can run horizontally all the way from the left hip to the right hip. The size and length of the incision depends on the patient’s anatomy and how much skin the surgeon needs to remove.

If there is excess skin sagging near the belly button (navel), the surgeon makes another incision. This incision is created around the patient’s navel and is used to remove the excess, loose skin in that area.

The skin is carefully separated from the abdominal wall. After separation is complete, the surgeon will be able to access the patient’s overstretched vertical abdominal muscles.

The stretched abdominal muscles are brought together and then stitched into place. Since the muscles are sewn together and tightened, the abdominal wall is firmer, which reduces the size of the patient’s waistline.

After removing the excess skin and tightening what skin remains, the surgeon creates a location for the patient’s navel. This ‘new’ navel will look similar to the patient’s natural one.

As skin is removed, some stretch marks may also be removed; however, this is not widely considered a benefit of a standard tummy tuck procedure near Miami. Most likely, stretch marks will remain and scarring from the incisions is probable.

Although, understandably, patients would like their scar to fade quickly so it will be gone in just a few years, this is not always the case. However, patients now enjoy a tighter, flatter-looking abdomen and the slowly-diminishing scar remains hidden beneath their bikini bottoms, swim shorts and undergarments: Not a bad trade-off.

Once the surgeon is happy with the results, stitches are placed and drainage tubes are inserted beneath the skin. These tubes prevent fluid buildup. Bandages/Gauze will be placed over the incision and the patient may receive compression garments.

The Mini Tummy Tuck/Floating Abdominoplasty (FAB) Procedure

A mini tummy tuck is used to remove the skin beneath the navel. During this procedure, the belly button may or may not be detached. If it is detached, the navel is reattached once the surgeon pulls the skin taut. A mini tummy tuck can be used in conjunction with a liposuction procedure.

Since a mini abdominoplasty targets the lower abdomen, a small incision is created at the top of the pelvic area (i.e., bikini line) and below the navel. The skin is pulled from the navel to the pelvic area, the excess skin is removed. The skin that remains is pulled together and reattached above the pelvic bone; thus, creating the patient a smooth, tight-looking abdomen. A mini tummy tuck at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill, Florida, near Miami, usually takes about two hours.

If I have a Tummy Tuck, What Should I Expect During Recovery?

After your procedure, you will receive compression garments to wear. It is essential that you wear these garments. The compression helps reduce swelling and pain. In addition, the compression garment assists your body with maintaining its new, slimmer shape. Your surgeon will provide you with pain medication. Directly following your procedure, physical activity and movement should be kept to a minimum. Do not be alarmed after surgery when you are unable to stand up straight – this is normal and lasts for about a week.

You Will Need a Caregiver

Ask someone you trust and feel comfortable with if they will stay with you for the first few days following your surgery. You will definitely need extra care for the initial 48 hours after your procedure. In addition, you will not be able to drive for several days.

Avoid Sitting for Long Periods

In the days following your abdominoplasty, you should take short walks. Avoid sitting for a lengthy period of time, as movement encourages blood circulation, which promotes healing and reduces the likelihood of clot formation.

The Drainage Tubes Will Be Removed Within a Week

Despite the type of tummy tuck you receive, before closing the incision completely, your surgeon will carefully insert tubes into the surgical site. These tubes are used to drain excess fluid. Once suturing is complete and the tubes are in place, your incision is bandaged.

Mood Swings

Anytime that general anesthesia is used mood swings, hyperactivity and depression are possible. Furthermore, these symptoms may result due to the body trying to adapt to the changes made during the abdominoplasty.

Common Symptoms Following Surgery

It is normal to experience bruising, inflammation and discomfort for the first few weeks during your recovery. Your abdomen will feel swollen and tight, soreness may remain for several weeks. The skin around the incision and surrounding the navel may feel numb.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

It is essential that you avoid all strenuous activities (e.g., pushing, bending, lifting, etc.) as these movements can result in additional bruising and inflammation; however, a few weeks into your recovery, if your healing is on target, your surgeon will probably allow you to resume most of your normal activities.

Length of Recovery

The length of recovery varies from patient to patient and depends on several factors, including the type of tummy tuck the patient underwent, the patient’s age, health and skin elasticity. Most patients feel as if they are back to normal within three months. While the length of recovery varies for each patient, as time passes, the body heals and the scars fade.

Post-Op Appointments

Keep your post-op appointments with your plastic surgeon. These appointments are extremely important because they allow your surgeon to ensure your recovery is moving along as planned.

Risks Associated with an Abdominoplasty

Every surgical procedure has risks, the risks associated with an abdominoplasty include infection, excess bleeding, inflammation, bruising, pain, anesthesia side effects, poor healing, permanent numbness, blood clot formation, tissue loss and hematomas.

Patients who use products that contain nicotine or who have diabetes are at a higher risk for developing hematomas. A hematoma may develop following drain removal because excess fluid begins accumulating beneath the skin; however, the hematoma can be drained rather quickly in the surgeon’s office.

Choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon at Strax Rejuvenation, near Miami, to perform your tummy tuck and following the instructions given to you by the plastic surgeon and medical staff will reduce the likelihood of complications.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Tummy Tuck Near Miami?

Although an abdominoplasty can be life-changing, this procedure is not considered ‘medically necessary.’ Since an abdominoplasty is considered a cosmetic procedure, insurance will not cover it. However, at Strax Rejuvenation, we want to help our patients attain the look they desire, for this reason, we offer a guaranteed financing program.

Strax Rejuvenation offers patients numerous board-certified plastic surgeons: Plastic surgeons with expertise in nearly every kind of cosmetic surgery. We have surgeons who regularly perform standard and mini tummy tuck procedures.

Our entire team of doctors is dedicated to patient satisfaction, high ethical standards and patient safety. We believe it is this dedication that has made our plastic surgeons some of the most sought after in the country. If you are considering plastic surgery, contact Strax Rejuvenation at 954-933-5448 today and schedule your free initial consultation. Our office is located at 4300 North University Drive, A202 in Lauderhill, Florida, near Miami. If you would prefer to contact us online, please click here, once redirected, click on the ‘FREE CONSULT’ icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page and fill out the form.

The ​Tummy Tuck Procedure

Some people never gain weight, yet they develop pockets of fat on their tummy or weak muscles that make their abdomen bulge. Others have successfully lost weight, yet no matter how much they exercise, they simply can’t lose the fat in their abdomen. A tummy tuck at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill and Sunrise, Florida, is the solution to these abdominal problems. Contact the office to learn how a tummy lift can remove excess fat and skin, and tighten underlying muscles to give you a more attractive abdomen.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

Sometimes no matter how much you exercise and work out to control your weight, it is not enough to give you a well-toned stomach. Even if your body weight is considered normal for your specific height, you can still have an abdomen with excess, sagging skin. The abdominoplasty – commonly referred to as a tummy tuck – is a surgical procedure that tightens abdominal muscles while removing excess fat and skin.


A tummy tuck may be the answer for you if you have:

  • Separated or weakened abdominal muscles
  • Excess fat concentrated in your abdomen
  • Abdominal skin that sags
  •  A protruding abdomen that is not in proportion with the rest of your body

Treatment Description

Tummy tucks are generally performed as an outpatient procedure using a general anesthetic. You may be allowed to go home a few hours after the surgery. While there are always risks with any surgery, complications from tummy tucks are rare.

What happens after tummy tuck surgery?

For the first several days after surgery, it is best to take short walks that serve to encourage blood circulation. You should avoid sitting for long periods of time. Strenuous activities must be avoided at all costs. After a few weeks, you can resume most normal activities. There is to be some level of swelling and bruising expected for the first few weeks after the surgery. If you are considering a tummy tuck in Florida, give Strax Rejuvenation Clinic a call to schedule a consultation.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Some people who have tried and failed to lose that spare tire around their middle might be thinking of having a tummy tuck but don’t know exactly what it entails. Tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that gives the patient a tighter, flatter stomach after aging, weight fluctuation or pregnancy have made the stomach muscles weak and the skin around of the abdomen flabby. A tummy tuck flattens the skin and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. The plastic surgeon can also remove fat from the area.

There are several types of tummy tuck. The first kind is the standard tummy tuck. In this operation, the surgeon makes incisions into the abdomen above the bikini line. The belly button is severed from the surrounding skin, and then stretched muscles are pulled together and stitched into place. Excess, unwanted fat is also removed. The skin is then pulled down, and the excess skin is trimmed away. The belly button is then repositioned and the surgical incisions are closed with stitches. The lower abdomen is then covered with bandages.

In the mini tummy tuck, only the skin below the belly button is removed. This might also be called a floating abdominoplasty. It’s called this because at one point the bellybutton is detached and seems to float above the muscles. The belly button is reattached after the skin has been tightened. The belly button might even be moved down a bit if the patient wants it. The FAB procedure can also be used with liposuction, which is the removal of unwanted fat through a cannula.In an extended tummy tuck, extra fat and skin from the abdomen as well as the back are removed.

All of these procedures will leave slight scaring, but these can usually be hidden below the line of the bikini bottom or underwear.

The patient may be given general anesthesia or sedation before the surgery. A general anesthetic will put the patient to sleep while sedation will leave the patient awake but very relaxed. He or she won’t feel pain.The stitches from the tummy tuck are usually removed within a week, and deeper stitches are taken out after about two or three weeks. The patient must be careful to attend follow-up exams with the cosmetic surgeon to make sure that all is going as it should.

Most people make a complete recovery within weeks and are very pleased with the results of the tummy tuck.

For the first several days after surgery, it is best to take short walks that serve to encourage blood circulation. You should avoid sitting for long periods of time. Strenuous activities must be avoided at all costs. After a few weeks, you can resume most normal activities.There is to be some level of swelling and bruising expected for the first few weeks after the surgery. As of 2010, 144,929 tummy tucks were performed in the United States.

The mommy makeover usually includes not only a tummy tuck but other plastic surgeries as well, including breast reduction or augmentation, rhinoplasty and maybe non-invasive procedures.

The certified Florida plastic surgeons at Strax Rejuvenation Clinic in Florida perform many kinds of cosmetic surgeries, including tummy tucks, Lap Band® surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts, neck lifts, hair grafts, eyelid Surgery and vaginal rejuvenation and virtually every type of cosmetic surgery. Their unbeatable track record for safety and patient satisfaction has made them the busiest cosmetic surgery clinic in the country.

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Tummy Tuck FAQs


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