Plastic Surgeons

Strax is the right choice for those who have chosen to feel and look their best. Our science of rejuvenation and aesthetics is the pinnacle of what is available in the industry today.

  • With Strax, beauty, vitality and a sense of well being are indeed possible. Our commitment to you is never ending to ensure that when you choose Strax Rejuvenation®, you are making the best choice possible.

Why Strax?

  • Strax Rejuvenation has the busiest elective surgery center in the entire country. Strax has achieved this prestigious status by providing its patients with the highest quality of surgical results at affordable prices. The surgical staff at Strax is comprised of 12 board certified surgeons, all highly credentialed and each with unique skills that lend themselves to specializing in particular cosmetic procedures. By having the ability to match surgeons with patients, the natural result is enhanced outcomes. In certain instances, it is feasible to use more than one surgeon when a patient is having a variety of procedures. Of course, the patient has the opportunity to meet with several different surgeons and is an integral part in the final selection of their surgeon. The surgeons, in turn, have the benefit of concentrating strictly on the medical aspects of their professions and not to be distracted by ancillary aspects of running a business.
  • Due to the high volume of surgery, Strax has purchasing power not available to sole practitioners’ offices. Because Strax pays less for the same implants, sutures, and surgical supplies, they can pass that savings along to the patient, resulting in lower procedure prices. Strax has the latest in state of the art lasers and sterilization equipment. In addition to quality and affordability, Strax has developed relationships with third parties that allow their patients to be approved for financing even if they’ve been turned down elsewhere. The criteria for financing is so easy, almost every patient can receive some type of financing.
  • Finally, Strax has revolutionized cosmetic surgery because we believe looking and feeling better is a right, not reserved only for the wealthy or privileged few. You can pay more elsewhere, but you won’t get better results. Over the past 5 years, the staff at Strax has performed over 35,000 procedures, far more than any other surgery center in the country. Most importantly, a majority of Straxs’ patient base comes via referrals, and referrals only come by providing value and quality.