Facial Aging and Current Treatments

As we age, we notice the skin on our face starts to sag around our eyes, nose, lips, jowls and neck. For years this was thought to be a skin issue and plastic surgeons would perform a face lift to pull the skin back tightly to correct the issues. This gave patients the typical “wind blown” look until recently we as plastic surgeons, understood that it was more of a skin laxity and volume issue.

With the introduction of fillers (hyluronic acid) we learned that over time its more of a loss of volume beneath the skin that causes it to sag and appear loose. Nowadays surgeons perform the composite facelift, where skin is tightened and volume is replaced simultaneously with fat grafting in areas that need them. The cheek area and tear trough are typical areas, where a small amount of fat, typically harvested from the abdomen can be placed to rejuvenate these areas.

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