Breast Augmentation scar options and why surgeons do them differently

Have you ever considered a breast augmentation and spoken to a board certified plastic surgeon or two? Or three?

Chances are each one may do the operation a different way based on how they were thought during training to achieve the exact same result with a different scar.

There are 3 to 4 major approaches to placing implants for breast augmentation

One of the two most popular approaches is the “IMF” of inframmamary fold incision which can be 2.5-5 cm in length that hides within the crease below the breast . This incision is typically favored for direct access to the subpectoral placement and to avoid contamination from the nipple-areolar bacterial flora which can be associated with capsular contracture. Both saline an silicone can be placed via this incision.

The other common approach is the periareolar incision which is placed on the periphery of the areola to blend the scar almost invisible to this color changing area. The incision typically hides well and is optimal for saline (smaller) incision augmentation, or small silicone implant.

A third option which is available at Strax Rejuvenation is an axillary approach where the implant is placed behind the curve of the armpit to hide the incision. This approach leave no scar on the breast and can be use for either silicone or saline implants.

Another option which has fallen out of favor due to complications in pocket formation is via the umbilical approach or belly button.

To find out which procedure is best suited for you please see your board certified plastic surgeon and visit or view our work on Instagram @straxrejuvenation or @drbocaraton.