Breast Augmentation Myths

As a plastic surgeon we encounter a lot of uninformed knowledge from patients that they read on the internet. Here we will reveal some of the misconceptions associated with breast augmentation.

The most common myth we still encounter is that saline implants are “safer” than silicone. First of all, saline implants are silicone shells filled with salt water – which if ruptured is completely safe to the body. However, the rupture rate and capsular contracture rate, are higher which leads to more surgeries. The FDA approved 5th & 6th generation silicone implants are virtually indestructible nowadays. They are made of cohesive gel, which means, even if cut in half, they do not fall apart. The gel, or “gummy bear” matrix, sticks together completely. They feel more natural, look more natural with less rippling, and last longer.

This takes us to myth #2- Do my implants need to be changed every 10 years? The answer is absolutely not, if they are current generation. The only reason to change implants out is for rupture, capsular contracture, or if you simply don’t like the appearance over timedue to childbirth/pregnancy/or weight loss/gain.

Another misconception is that patients are concerned with the effects of mammogram. The implant is placed behind the muscle or breast tissue which will not affect the ability of radiologist in determining any potential area of concern on mammography.

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