Breast Augmentation scar options and why surgeons do them differently

Have you ever considered a breast augmentation and spoken to a board certified plastic surgeon or two? Or three? Chances are each one may do the operation a different way based on how they were thought during training to achieve the exact same result with a different scar. There are 3 to 4 major approaches to placing implants for breast … Read More

Breast Augmentation Myths

As a plastic surgeon we encounter a lot of uninformed knowledge from patients that they read on the internet. Here DR Mosca will reveal some of the misconceptions associated with breast augmentation. The most common myth we still encounter is that saline implants are “safer” than silicone. First of all, saline implants are silicone shells filled with salt water – … Read More

Why does implant profile matter more than the volume in CCs?

The science of breast augmentation has changed over the past 2 decades in plastic surgery. The “eyeball” technique of just placing volume to fit a patient for implants is gone. The major implant companies made hundreds of sizes of implants for a reason nowadays, and you as the patient deserve to be sized accordingly. No one is just a 275, … Read More

What’s trending nowadays in male cosmetic surgery

Men make make up about 10-20% of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures believe it or not. In time for Father’s Day we bring you an education on male procedures and what’s trending nowadays in male cosmetic surgery. Botox (“Brotox”) Botulinum toxin is used to inhibit muscles of the forehead and around the eyes from contracting which causes facial lines in these … Read More