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Many people don’t stop to think about how their arms are affected by time, gravity, and weight gain or loss — until one day they suddenly notice loose, sagging skin. If you’re concerned about the appearance of your arms, don’t wait to contact Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill and Sunrise, Florida. The experienced plastic surgeons have performed many arm lifts, so you can count on excellent results and a tighter, firmer arm.

Arm Lift Q&A

Give your arm a toned, younger look with a Strax Rejuvenation arm lift!

Medical studies show that over time, the arm is impacted by gravity, losing its ability to adhere to underlying tissue in addition to losing its elasticity and thickness. Genetics also can contribute to sagging arms. An arm lift, also called a brachioplasty, essentially lifts up loose skin, making it tighter and firmer.Patients typically can go home the day of the surgery, are back at work within one week, and are exercising again in about two weeks.


  • Sagging Under Arms
  • Massive Weight Loss
  • Underarm Skin Rash or Irritation
  • Self-Consciousness

Treatment Description:

An arm lift in Florida is a better choice than liposuction when your problem involves loose skin resulting from significant weight loss or skin that cannot be corrected by regular exercise. This procedure can involve small incisions, and it features minimal discomfort and downtime for the patient, thus resulting in a relatively quick recovery.

How does an arm lift procedure work?

During an arm lift in Florida, the doctor first marks the areas of extra skin, and then administers anesthesia. Incisions are made on the under-surface of the arm, and excess skin and fat is removed. A drain carries excess fluids from the surgical area before the area is bandaged. The incision that runs the length of the upper arm, if indicated in a patient’s particular case, is hidden as much as possible on the inner surface of the arm. The result of the procedure is minimal scarring and a more contoured, youthful looking arm.

What happens after the arm lift procedure?

The arm lift procedure requires only a couple of hours, with the recovery period varies. It leads to a presentable, natural-looking arm, and the appearance continues to improve over time. You will experience arms that complement your figure and wardrobe, and are no longer flabby.